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I do not understand why you put the SS expenditure as an amount that needs to be divided and diverted to meet human citizen needs. Rather than calculating what we as a country need to raise and spend for the population outside the SS program.

You earlier spoke of all the old people out playing golf. I find that at least partly true. Old men are out playing golf, if they are able. That much is true. We old women on the other hand are burning out in the country’s nonprofits and institutions, serving the crushing mass of neighbors who are poor, elderly, alone, ill, unfed, unsheltered or abandoned, or all or part of many of those afflictions. Our joke of a national tax system is collapsed in webs of minutia and opaque and secret entitlement. Failure since the 80’s to address our national need for educated, healthy thriving and productive citizens resulted in our unacknowledged servitude. Blind, deaf and apparently privileged by the self-entitlement of freedom from responsibity, you do not see or count who it is that is playing golf. We deserve better government but stealing from old needy to pay for the consequences of our neglect to govern for the common good is, I believe, laughably crazy.

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