Hey, Scott,

All the numbers are in real, inflation-adjusted dollars. Taxes and benefits are assumed to grow or be discounted at a 2 percent real interest rate to get the real lifetime benefit/tax present value calculation at age 65. If you go to the link to the study, assumptions are contained in the appendix. Thanks for your interest.

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Lots of people pointing out problems. Anyone discussing peaceful solutions?

For the past two years we have been trying to find solutions to our biggest problem: THE CORRUPTION OF THE SYSTEMS THAT GOVERN OUR LIVES.

Is it solvable? Yes of course. All problems that do not defy the laws of physics are solvable.

This took us 2 years to write this. How to fix corrupt government in 3 simple steps:


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Catherine Austin Fitts describes how we can create a robust economy by ending the corruption.

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Great point Gene and Karen

Keep up the good work

You might cosider doing something similar on immigrants and jbs a guy fro Pennn I think ws just on NPR talking about supprt v contribution with respect to 3 immigrant generations as the bottom line. G2 nd ?G3 paid back 2x the cost for support og G1 Also with a society so dedicated n work as a transformational cultural icon why are we not embracng people who want to work

and finally, perhaps a reason for the previous point is explained in the book Bullshit Jobs I have surved my business school classes over many years as well as my social work management clases with the question "How Much work goes on at work?

The answers are amazingly consistent acrosss a very wide range of jobs. Abour 3 days

John Tropman

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PS remind me to share my theoru of the "Twp Martini theory of governmnet growth, based on my visits to DC over th years to meet with students.

John T

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I love the way they leave out the part pertaining to investment returns. If the money in the trust hadn't been poached under Reagan, how high would those investment returns have been? Reports like this are the weapon to be used to kill these programs for good, with government never accounting for the missing money.

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The real question that has not been asked is the following - How have the COVID mandates and health efforts affected those in the 65+ age bracket? We see a spike in the 24-45 age bracket for deaths in actuarial numbers...is there an equivalent in the SS and retirement age bracket? Does that change the SS and Medicare budget draw down?

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Gosh, not a word in this about THE (rising) COST OF LIVING?? Nothing about the fact that Congress has been unashamedly raiding SS coffers, like, forever? Nothing about getting rid of the income CAP?

Nothing about how American life-expectancy actually dropped like a rock the last few years? Nothing about how U.S. taxation on the whole is WILDLY regressive, or asking why the 2% of Americans who own 90% of all U.S. wealth aren't paying ALL the taxes? Nothing about how Congress COULD just create all our currency out of thin air itself--w/out having to add interest--instead of borrowing from private banksters for THEIR own fun & profit, and instead of having to tax anyone in the first place? No inquiry into how other, less-wealthy countries keep THEIR (longer-lived) populations healthy & above the poverty level?

Oh--I get it--the above lame-ass "study" is just to provide Congress w/ plausible deniability, so it can keep plodding along in its same-old 1%-friendly trajectory while getting to live like kings.

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Would be nice to see this inflation adjusted.

Also, people think of SS as a savings account, which is is not. If it were, what is the implied average rate of return?

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