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Most of my research centers on figuring out the best way to advance public policy. I’ve served in several government and nonprofit roles, including as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a co-founder of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, and ACT for Alexandria, a community foundation. At times, some of these efforts have even moved legislation. I reject the tribal and often party-centric approach to policy issues, the focus on personality rather than ideas as a way to form policy judgments, and scribblings that imply that choices don’t matter or that true dilemmas over such issues as work vs welfare or immigration are amenable to simple solutions. I appeal to the need for all of us to work together, even when we, not just someone else, must accept fewer benefits, pay more taxes, and consider how our our own charitable giving might make a difference. Most importantly, I respect you as a reader and provide information and data in ways that try to inform your own views whether or not you agree with me.

A liberal is someone who wants to take from a second person to give to a third person. A conservative is the third person. — Author

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I seek the best ways, without appeal to simplistic labels, that government, private businesses, charities, you and I can help every person achieve maximum potential.


-Cofounder, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. -Former Treasury official. -Forthcoming book: ABANDONED: How Democrats & Republicans Neglected the Working Class, People of Color, the Young, and the Pursuit of Wealth Building & Opportunity for All